Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More Notes on Dr. Ralph Sawyer's "Lever of Power" Book

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Lever of Power: Deception Theory and Practice in China and the West
   Although the term always had negative connotations, deception continued to be zealously employed to attain political and military aims in both China and the West throughout history. However, only China pondered its nature and developed an extensive literature on its theory and application in military contexts.

Apart from examining the concept's parameters, Lever of Power will discuss the important categories of practice, illustrate them with numerous instances of deception's successful application in both cultures, and provide an overview of important pronouncements and refinements over the ages in works as diverse as Sun-tzu's Art of War, theT'ai-pai Yin-ching, and the Stratagems of Frontinus and Polyaenus.

More to come.

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