Saturday, June 18, 2016

Are You The Expert?

In any business realm, there are the specialists, the gurus, the experts and so forth. There are also those who operate on the notion that life is simple and easy. They visualized the objective and everyone else performed the "wet work."

Most people do not want to comprehend the connectivity of a situation. Nor do they want to anticipate all of the best and worst case scenarios that could occur. Comprehending the possible exceptions for each specific scenario is too much of a chore.

By living through an assortment of simple principles and their simplification of life, they just want to be inspired with happy news and false hopes.  

In summary, this same group of people just wanted a projected result and return home with the intangible feeling of self-satisfaction regardless how insane the idea is.  

The Gist of The Expert 
To be the true expert who can reap the rewards, he must be able to connect the dots.

Comments From The Cook Ding's Kitchen

"Engineers vs everyone else in meetings. This isn't comedy, it's documentary.  ... BTW, red lines with invisible ink = red background and "invisible" ink.  ..."

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