Friday, June 3, 2016

Why Do Some Strategists Fish?. (Part One)

I am not a big fan of pop culture,  Most of it are mind numbing and superficial. One night while surfing the boob tube, I bumped into this ABC show and found this scene to be interesting for a cyber moment.

Click on the Youtube video and listen to the dialogue from Season 3, Show # ?? of Scandal.

The dialogue for the actual scene

Rowan, Do you fish? 
Jake,  No.
Rowan, You know, people who don't fish think that fishing is lazy or boring, but it is the complete opposite.   ...  There are a hundred little decisions to be made, variables to be considered.   ... And you're never quite sure what made the difference.  ... Did I cast too high, too far to the left? Did I reel it in too slow or or or too fast? Is the lure too shiny or too dull? Do I stay here, or should I go over there? And you know it's not luck, but you do not know By how much. ... People are predictable unchanging, monotonous.  . . .  They use the same language, they offer the same excuses, they make the same mistakes.  . . . People are endlessly disappointing because you hope they won't be. ... I knew that she would need me. . . .   I knew that you'd come here begging for help.   ...  This was all predictable, all disappointing.... This is why I am fishing, because I am never disappointed out here, because I don't expect anything, because anything is possible.  ... I can be hopeful out here, even in failure, because I know if I just go out there, around that tree, it might be different, something might be different, something I do might make a difference.   ."

The Gist of a Real Strategist

"In planning, never a useless move.   In strategy,  no step is in vain."  - Chen Hao

The difference between an amateur strategist and a professional strategist is that the professional strategist knows what could happen next by recognizing the configuration of the Big Tangible Picture.

Question From the Compass Desk
q: Is this your strategic situation?

Days change, seasons change, most people don't change.
Which is why some of us preferred the study of science.  It is more fun and can be so unpredictable.

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