Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Notes on Dr. Ralph Sawyer's "Lever of Power" Book

This book is supposed to be published sometimes in Nov 2016

So, what is the Lever of Power?

Some claimed that it is deception.  

The lever of power is an unorthodox strategy that enables the strategist to gain strategic leverage in a complex situation. 

Sunzi's Definition of Unorthodox 
  • What enables the masses of the Three Armies invariably to withstand the enemy without being defeated are the unorthodox and the orthodox.
  • In general, in battle one engages with the orthodox and gains the victory through the unorthodox
  • In warfare, the strategic configuration of power do not exceed the unorthodox and orthodox, but the changes of the unorthodox and orthodox can never be completely exhausted.
  • The unorthodox and orthodox mutually produce each other, just like an endless cycle. Who can exhaust them?
By observing the configuration of the Big Tangible Picture that is operating in one's terrain, the smart strategist can conclude the orthodox.  Understanding the connectivity within the configuration enables him to identify the unorthodox.

Side note
One should rarely ever use a spear in a "lever and fulcrum" situation.

More to come.  ... 

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