Friday, May 6, 2016

Assessing Strategically: Speculating on the Underdog (Another perspective on Leicester City's Victory)

It does not matter if you think that Leicester City's has another chance to win the EPL.

The best way to capitalize on a speculating situation is not to have favorite teams. Underdogs and fan's favorite teams could come and go. Rationalizing one's thoughts by understanding the Big Tangible Picture is step one- before ever 
concluding the strategic decision is the modus of a successful strategist. 

The best strategist is one who focuses on the current configuration of the Big Tangible Picture (BTP) and deduces what is going to happen next while everyone else is focused on solving the current problem. 
Be the virtual speculator who wages on the contenders not the pretenders. 

The key is to center on a minimum of four to five strategic factors that is consistent throughout the season of competition. 

From our own experience, this macro perspective reduces the unpredictability of the final results.

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