Saturday, March 12, 2016

Google's DeepMind 3 Lee Se-dol 0 (Legendary Go player)

"Concentrate every effort on subduing its heart and mind." 
- Sun Bin Chapter 33  (Ames translation)

"I do apologize for not being able to satisfy people's expectations," said Lee, who believes that he had no chance in the first game, missed opportunities in the second, and succumbed to pressure today. He asked for people to continue to show interest in the remaining two games, despite his overall loss. "I believe [Lee] would have been difficult to beat today by any other top professional," said 9-dan pro player and match commentator Michael Redmond, who called AlphaGo a "work of art" that could revolutionize Go play in the future.

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The Question of the Day
"The expert in using the military has three basic strategies which he applies: the best strategy is to attack the enemy's reliance upon acuteness of mind; the second is to attack the enemy's claim that he is waging a just war; and the last is to attack the enemy's battle position (shi).   
- Sun Bin , Chapter 34 (Ames translation)  

At this moment, do you think Lee has lost faith on the acuteness of his mind?

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