Friday, March 18, 2016

Assessing the Lottery by Estimating One's Chance of Winning (updated)

(updated at 03.27.16)

Heaven knows that there are some people who enjoyed the experience of risk-taking while "quietly" loathing the concept of gambling with bad odds.  It does not matter what the odds are because they believed that they have a chance to win.

Playing the Lottery
Click here on why playing any type of lottery (Powerball, etc.)  is not a good wager.  The odds of winning a substantial prize are so low.

(updated at 03.26.2016)

Everyone is always looking for some type of advantage. So, what should the budding gambler do?   ... Knowing the abstract theory on Lotto always helps.

Click here on calculating one's chance of winning the lottery. Click here on one's amateur view of winning the lottery.

Click here on a 2016 article on why it is quite difficult to win the Power Ball lottery.

Compass Principle (1): Identifying the Odd Number 
Edge Over Odds. The Odd Number Wins

Determining the right quantity of odd numbers on a lotto card is one theory.   It begins by identifying the configuration of the situation and always focusing on some level of balance

In the game of 21 blackjack, the right odd number usually wins.

Compass Principle (2): Knowing When to Estimate and When to Assess
Assessing strategically allows one to be a pragmatic opportunist.

It begins by knowing the dao of the factors and recognizing the tectonic level behind the "factors" model.

Compass Principle (3): Playing the Scenario Modeling Game
 98 percent of my time thinking about 2 percent probabilities."   ... It becomes the alpha priority especially in the area of managing risk in different situations. 

The successful strategists are always perform scenario modeling and forecasting before implementing a strategic decision. 

Side Note
Click here on the outcome of a poor decision after playing the lottery.

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