Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Victory Wears a Red Shirt : David Jolly over Alex Sink (Succeeding in Our Message-Driven Economy)

"Victory has hundreds of fathers. But defeat is an orphan. "  - JFK

Victory Wears a Red Shirt
In our information-rich and attention poor society, the message is the medium, especially in a political election.  The underdog could only win if he or she utilizes a simple, clean and concise message that connects to the majority of the targeted group.. 

Quick Case Study
In a March 12, Florida election, a GOP lobbyist competed against a political veteran from the Democratic party. The outcome could be a bellwether for the GOP. 
  • Jolly's message: Vote for me. I will defeat the Obama's healthcare act
  • Sink message: Vote for me. I will fix  the Obama's healthcare act

Mr. Jolly triumphed on his message.

At this moment, no one knows if this victory becomes a bellwether for the GOP.  Positive momentum starts from the ground up.

Sources: Foxnews.com  and Nypost,com   

Comments From The Compass Desk
In some situations, victory has hundreds of origins while a defeat could create thousands of "disconnective" orphans for a sole cyber moment and beyond. 

For this event, the message played a major role for the GOP. The process of managing the logistics for broadcasting this category of message is usually long, complex and challenging.  But the supporters and the public are only concerned about the results. 

Victory wears a red shirt on that day.  It also wears a blue shirt in some instances.

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