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Succeeding in the Info Economy by Understanding the Fourth Chapter of Sunzi's Art of War (Competitive Disposition)

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Always be prepared.  Enter only the encounters where you have already secured the victory.  Never enable yourself to be lured into an encounter that you are unprepared for.  Adapt only those formations which enable you to become unconquerable. 

The "Idealistic" Approach  
Anciently the skillful warriors first made themselves invincible and awaited the enemy's moments of vulnerability.  - Art of War 4 (Griffith's translation)

The "Idealistic" Positioning
The experts in defense conceal themselves as under the nine-fold earth; those skilled in attack move as from above the nine-fold heavens. Thus they are capable both of protecting themselves and of gaining complete victory. 
- Art of War 4 (Griffith's translation)

The Fundamentals of Strategic Assessment 
Now the elements of the art of war are first, measurement of space; second, estimation of quantities; third, calculations; fourth, comparisons; and fifth, chances of victory.  Measurements of space are derived from the ground.   Quantities derive from measurement, figures from quantities, comparisons from figures, and victory from comparisons.  
- Art of War 4 (Griffith's translation)

The Tactical Step After Assessment and The Act of Pre-Staging 
"For this reason, the victorious army only enters battle after having first won the won the victory, while the defeated army only seeks victory after having first entered the fray."  Art of War 4  (Ames's translation) 

The Compass Reminder
Anticipate two steps ahead while moving one step ahead of the competition.

Those who could achieve that,are able to avoid the race to the bottom.

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