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Another Note on the Chinese Seven Military Classics of Ancient China

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The Target of Strategic Power
"Exploit the advantage s conferred by the tactical balance of power.  Increase the enemy's excess, seize what he  loves. Then we, acting from without,  cam cause a response from without. "  - Sima Fa 3

The Spring and Autumn Period saw some of the greatest social upheavals in China抯 history. The stronger states fought war after war against one another in a bid to seize control over other states.

It was against this chaotic backdrop that Tian Rangju showed his mettle and manifested his brilliance as a strategist. Tian Rangju was War Minister to Duke Jing of Qi. In his youth, he made a thorough study of the art of war and became well-versed in military affairs. He shared the same ancestor as Sunzi and Sun Bin, both famous military strategists in the era of ancient China.

Kind and generous to his men, he was able to inspire and motivate them to give their utmost in their motherland抯 quest for survival and power. Later, one of his descendants, King Wei of Qi, had his senior officials compile ancient teachings on warfare as studied, expounded and enriched by Tian Rangju.

This book encapsulates one man抯 expansive wisdom and experience. Included in this book are issues like values and principles, planning for campaigns, handling of warfare, strategies for victory, and many more!

From our reading, this book encompasses strategy and leadership topics like the nature of warfare, the history of warfare,  the way of warfare, grand leadership, operational leadership, unity (people leadership), military-based organizational administration and discipline, motivating warriors, psychology of warfare, rewards and punishments, instruction and training, measure and constraint, component forces, strategic power, and tactical fundamentals. 

Combined that content with the other essays from the Seven Military Classics of Ancient China, you will have a stronger understanding of the Chinese strategic thought . 

We highly recommend the reading of this specific book. It provides the reader,a good overview from the perspective of a C-level officer and the operational leadership.

Reading Jiang Tai Gong's Six Secret Teachings, Wuzi's Art of War and this classic (Sima Fa) will guided for those who aspired to understand the world's  view from a top down perspective. 

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