Thursday, March 27, 2014

Applying the Essence of the Dao De Jing in One's Mindfulness Session

Whether you are practicing yoga or reading the Wall Street Journal, it is difficult to stay focused on that act without being distracted.  Most people are not able to function in solitude. They also feel that they needed to be energized 24/7 regardless of the situation.

Some are energized through the consummation of alcohol or food.  Others do it through physical activities. We do it through a combination of our version of scripting and the practice of Baguazhang or Yiquan before drinking our first cup of tea.

As one matures, the appreciation of serenity becomes a luxury. Having the skill of quietude is rare.

Without stirring abroad

One can know the whole world;

Without looking out the window
One can see the way of heaven.
The further one goes
The less one knows.
Therefore the sage knows without having to stir,
Identifies without having to see,
Accomplishes without having to act.

DDJ 47

When one is mindfully centered, he/she might be synchronized to the Dao of his situation.

The Dao gave birth to One. The One gave birth to Two. The Two gave birth to Three. The Three gave birth to all of creation. All things carry Yin yet embrace Yang. They blend their life breaths in order to produce harmony.
People despise being orphaned, widowed, and poor. But the noble ones take these as their titles. In losing, much is gained, and in gaining, much is lost.
What others teach I too will teach:   "The strong and violent will not die a natural death."   
 DDJ 42 

Does that mean that he/she knows the world?

"The Successful Strategist observes signs from the movements of Heaven and Earth and knows its principles. He observes the movement of the sun and the moon and understand their seasonal activity. He follows the cycles of day and night, taken them as his constant. All things have life and death in accord with the principles of Heaven and Earth. Thus it is said that if one fights before understanding the situation, even if he is more numerous, he will certainly be defeated."
"One who excels at competition will await events in the situation without making any movement. When he sees he can be victorious, he will arise; if he sees he cannot be victorious, he will desist. Thus it is said that he does not have any fear, he does not vacillate. Of the many harms that can beset an organization, indecision is the greatest. Of disasters that can befall an organization, none surpasses doubt."
"One who excels in competition will not lose an advantage when he perceives it or be doubtful when he meets the opportunity. One who loses an advantage or lags behind the time for action will, on the contrary, suffer from disaster. Thus the wise follow the time and do not lose an advantage; the skillful are decisive and have no doubts. He strikes like a sudden clap of thunder, which does not give time to cover ears; strike like a flash of lightning, which does not give time to close the eyes. Advance as is suddenly startled; employ your team as if deranged. Those who oppose you will be destroyed; those who come near will perish. Who can defend against such an attack?"
"Now when matters are not discussed and general preserves their secrecy, he is superior. When things are not manifest but he discerns them, he is wise. Thus if superior and wise, no enemies will act against him in the field, nor will any state stand against him."
"Excellent!" said King Wu.
- Paraphrased from Six Secret Teachings 26


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