Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Compass360 Consulting Suggestion For Shoppers (Who are Strategic Thinkers)

For the novice strategist, we highly recommended Dr. Sawyer's Seven Military Classics of Ancient China and Dr. Roger Ames's Sun Tzu's The Art of the Warfare.

Those who are interested in ancient Chinese warfare, from the prehistoric period through the fifth century B.C.E.  Please check out this Dr. Ralph Sawyer's classic.   It has been rumored that his book on the Warring States will be published at an unscheduled date. 

His recent translation of Li Quan's strategy classic is quite interesting.

It has been rumored that Dr. Sawyer will be publishing new translations of various strategic topics quite soon.

For those who are living in disaster terrains or know people who are residing in those same terrains , we recommended C Crane radios.   They have been selling very sturdy radios and other interesting electronic products for a long time.

Gerald Weinberg's books are always a good read for the budding consultants and the wily strategic thinkers. 

The martial art strategists  who are looking for another view in the martial arts, check out Mr. Matz's of Cook Ding Kitchen's first book.  We give it a "double thumbs up."

Here is our previous list.

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