Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Assessing the Competition (3)

(from Focus Features)
In a grand setting of political and economic uncertainty, how do the chief decision makers assessed their competitive situation?

Some preferred to assess their competition by labeling their pictures to certain chess pieces  ...

or placing unique figures in a dollhouse.

Others have assessed their situation by viewing the participants as stones.

Q: What is the weakness of each strategic assessment approach?

To meet the criteria of the situation, one must choose the right metaphor correctly. It begins by understanding the Big Tangible Picture of one's setting.

The Compass Process
In a complex situation where a revolving turret of participants can be distracting. Knowing the players and the pawns is quite significant. Labeling people as chess pieces or using a dollhouse to visualize one's own Big Tangible Picture is sometimes insufficient especially in a broad and unpredictable setting.

Comprehending the configuration of the terrain while learning the profiles of the relevant players is the first step to achieving the path of least resistance. 

The next step is transforming the specific intelligence into a tangible plan. ...

(We will continue this topic in a future post)

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