Saturday, August 18, 2012

The First Challenge for Most Strategists (2)

In a previous post, we talked about the subject of staying focused.

So, how does one stays focused on their objective?  It depends on their experience, their category of work and their settings.

In the area of innovation, the thinker-doers find a temperature-controlled place with many meters of empty space and near-zero decibels.    Why is this necessary?  Do it and find out.

The Process
Following is a list of steps that we have always followed on a daily basis:
  1. Be center.  Focus on being in a state of absolute, centered awareness.
  2. Operate from the script . 
  3. If it does not work,  return to step #1
These three steps enabled us to know when to stay on course and when to adjust from it.   It is quite important that the goal and the specifics are clearly stated.

Our research tells us that the implementers of these three steps can stay focused for a longer timeline.

Reminder Remember that, proper (and prior) planning and preparation prevents pissed, poor performance. Scripting that plan is an important habit for every strategist to maintain. 

Fwiw, it is rare that one finds inspiration or build anything innovative in a noisy and cluttered place.  It is quite more majestic to operate efficiently in an isolated empty space. Things get done in a more efficient mode

In the future, we will touch more on the different types of settings.

By becoming mindfully focused, one becomes efficient in their movement.

In planning, never a useless move. 
In strategy, no step is in vain. - Chen Hao

Concurrently, one cannot talk about the essence of strategy if he/she cannot see "how the grand action of the Five Critical Strategic Factors i(CSF) is functioning around their settings."  Ask your local Sunzi expert if he or she knows what does that point means.

Our associates at Cook Ding's Kitchen have always reminded the novices and the neophytes that one cannot successfully strategize if he/she is not able to stay focused on their objective. They also reminded their friends that the reading of the Art of War does not help either.

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