Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Compass Rules For Competitive Play

Following is an abridged listing of our compass rules for competitive strategic play:
  • Never play a game if one does not know the rules (and the various situations).  
  • Never play a game that favors the competition
  • Never play a game when one cannot afford the outcome of the risk consequence.  ...     
The Question of the Day
  • What are the exceptions to these rules?
Hint: The answer is not directly in your copy of the Art of War. To find the answer, read the Seven Strategy Classics (aka. The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China) and the Dao De Jing.  The clues are in there.  

Whenever one is able to find the dots, he/she can reap the rewards.

You should always know your terrain before you decide to play.

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