Thursday, April 26, 2012

Compass Objective: Challenging the Hype

The small business with the best technology rules. " - a Verizon 2011-2012 sales message

The Question of the Day
Do you know of an unique situation where an average leadership culture with Class A technology prevailed over exemplary leadership with Class C technology on the long run?

In a competitive situation, the successful strategists understand that the cornerstone of any true blue strategic foundation is the leadership culture. Due to the attributes of trust, credibility, benevolence and unity, the organization with exemplary leadership and Class C technology usually prevails over those with flawed leadership and Class A technology.

Technology evolves.  But exemplary leadership culture prevails by knowing when to adjust their settings.

Question of the Day
What could be the prevailing factor what happens when both sides have a similar leadership culture and the similar technology?  

The answer might not be in your copy of the Art of War.

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