Thursday, June 30, 2011

Competing in the Global Economy: The Basics

In our information economy, many companies are struggling to be operationally efficient. Some succeed because of their competitive disposition. They usually seized the opportunity by waiting for their competition to err .

The probable cause for the err is that their up and coming competition usually lacked the understanding of their surroundings and what their competition is actually doing. ...

The Basics
Following is an abridged listing of the reasons behind the "above average" competitors:
  • Having a good view of the Big Tangible Picture (BTP);
  • Having the willingness to take the time to assess the Big Tangible Picture;
  • Having the feeling of competitive urgency;
  • Having the economics and logistics to properly compete;
  • Operating with a correct flow of pertinent information ; and
  • Taking the advantage of the tactical imbalance of time.
If you want to operate with great strategic effectiveness, think about those points. Good luck.

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