Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Sign of the Times: Operational Effectiveness

Whether one is running a business or a high profile high rewards product groups, operational effectiveness. Politicians are also bantering this same message.

The benefits of well-played operational effectiveness usually means the reduction of costs, the minimization of response time and the mitigation of risk. It starts by increasing the quantity of productivity-driven practices, standardization of procedures and using the correct technological devices.

There is no perfect system. It is a process of continuous improvement.

Bridging the gap between risk management and cost effectiveness is the key to operational effectiveness. In a future post, we will discuss this matter.

The Big Tangible Picture
We believed that this trend will continue. There is a limitation to everything. Sooner or later, the non-innovative, but competitively efficient medical hospitals will have to compete against each other for a large piece of the pie, for the purpose of survival. While the strong organizations occasionally acquire the weaker organizations at some point of the game, the smarter organizations will thrive by focusing on becoming competitively innovative.

Based on historical data, there is always a possibility that the customer base might suffer on the long run. This is the sign of the times.

Building operational effectiveness is the fundamental basis for establishing strategic power.

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