Monday, June 6, 2011

The Sign of the Times: The Automated Trend Continues (2)

Here is another example of the growing automated trend. ... IBM has been developing their version of automated efficiency for the cities. ... There are a few cities who could use this type of solution.

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Ruminations From the Compass Desk
With automation, the human error is near-eliminated. The operating costs and the labor costs are greatly lowered. Efficiency and profit are increased. Soon, every relevant competitor will be functioning at this level.

Big Tangible Picture
There is a limitation to the approach of automation, outsourcing and copycatting that can be achieved in a non-innovative and efficiency-driven information economy. Once the surviving (and thriving) competitors achieved their apex level of efficiency, will they have the economics, the logistics, and the drive to compete against each other effectively? ... What is the possibility of these market players being involved in the excessive game of competitive darwinism? ...

Based on current data, we assessed that the model of "the last three men standing" would be prevailing in various macro marketplaces,

We will focus on the negatives after-effects of the "efficiency-driven" mindset i
n a future post.

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