Monday, January 30, 2017

Coffee-Serving Robots 1 Human Barista 0 (The Slow Decline of Human Labor)i

Since there are already sushi-serving machines, burger-serving robotspizza-serving robots and driver-less cars, it was only a matter of time that there is going to be a coffee-brewing robot.  

Click here, here and here on this latest coffee-serving innovation.

Second Look
We predicted this trend on May 2010, 

As mentioned in previous posts, the slow diminishing need for low-end human-driven labor will continue. 

The automation of the global economy is here.   ... It is only a matter of time, that Starbucks, McDonalds, Jack in a Box, Carls Jr. Taco Bell and other national fast food chains will have robots-driven storefronts soon.

Informational-processing jobs (financial industries, insurance industries, etc.) are next. 

Side Note

We are wishing good luck to those who have followed the bad advice of doing the simplest jobs, is ok with the belief  that those jobs will always be available.  

We surmised that they will be asking their "talented" fortune tellers to return their money.

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