Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If the Automated Robots Take Your Job, What's Your Next Best Move?

Regardless of the ascending trend of automation, creative strategic thinking is the key for the ambitious expediters and capitalists who does not want to lose their social-economic position in the global value-driven food chain.

How does one acquires this mindset? ... Viewing the technical realm of one's life without the Occam's Razor perspective, will enable one to examine the configuration of their terrain in terms of components, coverage, conditions and other tactical specifics.   

Click here and here for some interesting insights from McKinsey.   

More to come. 

*  Many thanks to Rick Matz of Cook Ding's Kitchen for these links 

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Rick Matz said...

It's not just the low skilled jobs at fast food restaurants or repetitive assembly jobs at factories at risk, either.

AI is being used to write articles, examine X-Rays, fill tax forms; all sorts of things that would be considered the realm of professionals.