Sunday, December 25, 2016

Some Good Food For Thought: A Very Pragmatic Idea for December 25

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Comments From The Compass Desk
On this holy day, many people will pursue the historical (but pragmatic) strategic approach of eating Chinese food .

Click here on some insight on the Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas Day.  

A few of our associates favorite Americanized Chinese food is  the General Tso Chicken.
While it is an slightly over-rated dish, some people consider it as comfort food. Click here for a quick history lesson on this "fun" dish.

Celtics Notes
The late and great Red Auerbach the former coach of the Boston Celtics (a professional basketball team) , have always preferred to have Chinese food for dinner before the game or after the game (regardless whether his Boston Celtics team won or lost a game).   ... 

The presumption was that good Chinese food should never create the feeling of "heavy" with the eater.  Whether Coach Auerbach and his team have ever completed a Chinese "nine course" banquet, is a different story.   

"Being light is right" is the basic principle of consumption.  ...   The state of lightness enables one to be agile and mobile.  Conclusively, this state causes one to feel balanced. 

In our case,  some of us have always followed the Compass Principle of being balanced. 

Chinese Food + Netflix = A Good Day

Be  safe. 

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