Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Dao of Strategic Competition: Knowing the Questions

In business as in life, most people are lost in space.  They do not know what is their grand objective, where to pursue their objective, when to pursue their objective, etc. 

Somehow, they just get by.  ... They always think that there is another opportunity that is positioned behind the next corner.  ... Thinking about it and recognizing it are two different modes. 


Following is an abridged listing of some other questions that people would ask:
  • When does one creates the opportunity?
  • When does one finds the opportunity?
  • When does one waits for the opportunity?
  • During a competitive conflict, when does the competitive strategist run a series of probing plays to understand the motive and methods of the competition?
  • When does he stage and shape the competition before implementing the subverting play?
  • Better yet, when does he pursue the positive momentum play?

The clue to answering those questions is to understand the Big Tangible Picture.  When the configuration of the Big Tangible Picture is recognized, the ideas begin to appear.

More to come.  ... 

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