Thursday, August 18, 2016

Progress on The "Opening Plays Script" Book Project


Q: What are the difference between a checklist and a script?

A:  While the implementer of a checklist operates on the premise of near-predictability while focusing on greater efficiency, consistency and safety, the strategist uses a script of pre-scripted tactical plays to capitalize on a grander opportunity while assessing the tendencies and the deficiencies of the opponent's defense. 

We are still working on the Scripting Book project. 

Due to other priorities, we have not finished "the second to the final" draft of the book.
Following is an abridged listing of what the book will encompass:
  • the strategic basics of the opening plays script;
  • the technical basics of the opening plays script;
  • the different type of opening plays;
  • how to assess the competing defense;
  • how to transposed the assessed data into the various types of opening plays; and
  • how to influence the opponent's defense with the opener script. 
We would not consider writing this book is rocket science or brain surgery unless you are a Dodger fan.  However, the time and the effort that it takes to delineate the specificity for developing the multi-facet opener plays is always the challenge.

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