Monday, August 8, 2016

Tactical Practices For All Seasons (1)

  • Standing not sit. 
  • Sipping water before concluding any relevant decision.
  • Always lead by your feet not by your seat
  • Scripting your plans in a state of quietude.
    • Use a white board if possible.
  • Never become too over reliant to technology
  • Be prepared from initial move to counter moves.
  • Reading the Art of War essay, days before the competition
  • Assessing an organizational culture and their strategic efficiency in terms of Jiang Tai Gong's Six Secret Teachings.  
  • Assessing the generality of their tactical methods through Sun Bin's military methods  
  • Assessing the strategic situation with the Victory Temple chart.
  • Reading the Eight Strategic Classics once a year.
  • Assessing the configuration behind the matrix of the Big Tangible Picture.
  • Positioning oneself by transforming the assessed data into a tangible plan
  • Influencing the situation with the plan.  
  • Practice the Three Moves Ahead tactic when contesting.
  • Choose the First Move Initiative carefully.

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