Monday, December 21, 2015

Suggestions of Strategy Books for The Desktop Strategic Thinker

(updated on 12.25.15  5:55 am)

"A desk (or a conference room) is a dangerous place to view (or manage) the world." 
- Our version of a John Le Carre quote.

To succeed in the information economy, one must understand the "connective configuration" behind The Big Tangible Picture that operates within our information economy.  We highly recommend the following two books

Click here on our perspective 
of The Tao of Spycraft book.

Click here on our review on the 
Strategies for the Human Realm book.

Final Thoughts 
Once the Sunzi's essay and Jiang Tai Gong's classic are understood, it is time for the serious strategic thinkers to advance to those two books.

Both books are quite dry read for most amateurs unless one is seriously interested in enhancing their strategic analysis skill.

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