Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Compete in the Information Economy (The AT&T Approach)

When one major business entity tells the public that they are not concerned with the change of the marketplace, do you think that they are really concerned?

During a Feb 2013 onstage interview between AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and Phil Weiser, dean of the University of Colorado's Law School and director of the Silicon Flatirons group, Stephenson said the following, "If the world moves to the OTT video model, that doesn't keep me awake at night, ... Our money is made off the broadband product … The consumer who acquires video off our broadband is not a bad model for us. "

Since that interview, AT&T has done the following:
Through good research and great resource, they capitalized on a niche opportunity in the Over-the-Top Market by acquiring DirectTV.

One should remember the competitiveness of a compressed economy. 

Assess everything that your competition say in reference to the tangibility of their perspective.   Estimate the value of the factors  before implementing the "count" process. (That count process is mentioned in the first chapter of Sunzi's essay on strategy.)

Beside doing that, focus on identifying their motive, their method and their timeline before devising your strategy.

- More to come. -

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