Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Darwin Award Goes to Some of the Drug-induced Silicon Valley Techies

(updated on 11.29.2015)

Some of the Silicon Valley geniuses have believed that they can either be super problem solvers or become ultra-innovative through the intake of LSDInterestingly others preferred the choice of Adderol.

Without ever understand the medium to long risk consequences of their decision, this unique group of geniuses could have a lifetime of bizarre behavior.  ...   Smoking an abyss of joints might relieve the anxiety, will not going to consistently enhance one's creativity.

Regardless of the pseudo moment of pleasure, the grand attribute of ambition, drive and focus will be quite seriously reduced.  Creativity will be minimized and unrepeatable. ... Frying the brain over a futile job is not a good decision.  ... Once the brain adapted to the effects of the drug, the drug becomes useless. Now the physical being of the user becomes addicted to the "feel" of the drug.

The Big Tangible Picture
Smart creativity occurs from one's own current comprehension of the configuration that operates within their goal and the Big Tangible Picture that connects to their goal.

Prediction or Guess-timation 
Those who enjoyed the act of projecting the possible outcome of their pre-executed decision,must be able to identify the strategic factors that could lead to success or failure.

Following is an abridged listing of the strategic measures that are significant to the chief decision makers who wanted to the validity of their choices:

  • the tangibility of the projected benefits; 
  • the actuality of the potential challenges; and 
  • the reality of the possible drawbacks. 
This grand measure of strategic overview-ing usually enables the chief decision makers to understand the expected veracity that would originated from their decision.

As long as the positive after-effects of their choice are greater than the negative after-effects, the choice is valid. 

Suggested Solution 
Learn to center yourself and getting more sleep are quite beneficial.  Also, concentrate on learning how to view the configuration on one's Big Tangible Picture through the act of assessing, positioning and influencing.

Final Point

Regardless of the industries and the levels within it, there are always "drugged out" professionals. 

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