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Connecting The Sunzi's Essay to the Dao of Inforrned Instinct

(updated on 11.11.15)

What is the tangible connection between the Sunzi essay on strategy and the informed instinct?

Clue:  By connecting the context behind that essay into his/her current situation,  the successful strategist customarily comprehends how things works in terms of an adjustable sequence of steps before concluding a tangible decision.

The Basics
There is a general pattern for everything that surrounds us. One just have to be mindfully aware of the connectivity that is embedded within their terrain and beyond.  It begins by have a matured state of centricity.

The Questions of the Day 
Successful strategists usually know the Big Tangible Picture of their goal and their settings before deciding on their strategic move.

Q: In most instances (and their conceptualization of the Sunzi's essay), what are the first few components of information does the successful strategist focuses on?

Q: Do you know? (Hint: Some aspects of the assessment material can be found in a certain Tang dynasty manual. )

Those answers will allow the strategist to acquire the basics of having the "informed instinct."

The Dao of Informed Instinct
"Informed Instinct" is a feeling that tells the chief decision maker that the perceived information validates their logic of thinking.

In a strategic situation, most perceived information is commonly superficial and dubious. Incorrect information usually creates situations that wasted time and resources.

After awhile, the process of completing the objective becomes a problematic grind.  In most instances, that type of grind usually demotivate the psychological essence of the strategic implementer(s).

Regardless of the state of competitiveness and the origin of the error (bad decision , poor tactical execution of one's own protocols and practices, etc.),  reciprocity is always a possibility..

Without knowing the external influences that directly or indirectly affect their terrain, how does he or she make the correct decision?

Connecting Sunzi to the Instinct
One develops this level of instinct, by understanding how the categorized framework from the Sunzi essay should be organized while possessing "metaphysical centricity."

When managing any strategic decision, the successful strategist distinguishes "the matrix of connectivity" that exists in their situation.  He/she could then instinctively attained the position of encircling their objective.

The constant practice of this acumen will "stage and shape" the observer's instinct to become more informed and refined in his/her perspective.  For example. recognizing which of the five tactical situations are in play and which of the five general tactical approaches to implement.

Other Thoughts
Many years ago, an associate quietly performed a research on a group of Sunzi readers and concluded that the most unique skill that they would like to learn is assessing strategically.

The problem is that they do not possess the "metaphysical centricity" that would enable them to identify the factors and the tectonic level behind this unique skill.   Staying focused on the targeted objectives for 10 plus minutes is a challenge for them.   ( Drinking a can of diet soft drink while playing with a virtual katana will not enable them to reach that state.)

Without the required skill to sequentially contemplate in "cubes"  of information, they usually relied on some sort of web/mobile app that displays the "soon to be obsolete" answer

More Questions:
  • Regardless of the velocity of the information,  how would you know if the requested information is tangible for that moment?
  • If the information is tangible, do you know the duration of the information staying significant?" .
The Meeting of the Minds 
It has been rumored that a group of Sunzi readers are planning to meet and discuss the gist of their knowledge (i.e., leadership, general tactics and inspiration) sometime soon- hoping that they will acquire some type of epiphany that would make them the world class experts in strategic thinking .

Interestingly, none of "these experts" possessed the relevant skill to ratiocinate the Sunzi approach of assessing strategically.

To assess strategically means having the skill to recognize the current situation while identifying the various factors that could give them the offensive advantage.

As mentioned before, the implementation of field tactics against a resourceful competitor is irrelevant if the assessment is incorrect.  Especially, in a high stakes strategic situation, where each and every losing implementation will demotivate the team and position the team into a state of failure.

Conclusively, every strategic situation does not always need an inspiration-driven answer or a leadership-based perspective.  Our experience tells us that having the skill set to assess a strategic situation methodically and objectively is the first step to resolving every significant strategic matter.


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