Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Strategic Perspective of College Football Rivalry Week

Televised sport rivalry is like a pseudo war without the many dead bodies. But it is filled with tons of over-hypes.

While injured bodies occur,  egos are bruised.  No field players are killed.

Psychology is Strategy
The curious observers could use technical patterns from previous games to assess the possibility of surprised plays.

He or she could observe the trust and the unity of each competing teams by reading the web-zines and visiting their fan forums.

During the game, they could observe the speculator's moods and behaviors while ignoring the fanatic's perspective that their traditions drive superior performance.

The Endgame
After the game, those on losing side tell themselves that there is always next season.

Regardless of which rivalry game you choose to watch, after it is over, some of the masses usually returned to their home and pontificate the next day of their empty lives.  

The Reality of Life
Choose your game.  Watch it.  Enjoy the experience. ...

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