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Profiteering in the Competitive Economy: The Small Players Innovate. The Large Players Copy

Following is a post on Amazon that we forgot to post in 2012.  ... I decided to update it with a English twist to it

Jeff Bezo  of Amazon understood the connectivity behind the configuration of his targeted marketplace from different perspectives while being mindfully aware of the constant motion of the five competitive forces. 

By viewing the PESTO factors (and other strategic factors) behind each competitive force, one could determine the TOWS of each group.  We presumed that you do know how to do that.

Before Amazon and Walmart delivered their concept of the locker, Buffer Box originated the idea. This was not much of a innovation for Buffer Box, if they cannot patent it.  

Being the leading edge in any market terrain does not mean that one has the advantage of maintaining the market lead. The ultra specifics of a complex  situation determine what are the chances of succeeding.

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The Compass Chart 

By viewing the Big Tangible Picture (BTP) in reference to its configuration the connections of the various situations that is embedded with the Big Tangible Picture, the adjustment points by connecting the leadership level and the operational level to it, Bezo's mindfully knew what target to focus on and how to profit through various adjustment points.  

By connecting the operational factors of his competitive dispositions and the operational factors of the market terrain, he knew where was the opportunity!?  .. 

Beside having one of the largest web emporium, he connected his "Amazon Locker" concept to the possibility of improving the "Amazon" service.  Click here for the latest info on the Amazon's locker.  They are now available in the United Kingdom

Reflections From The Compass Desk
Those who are competing against some of these "new  generation" companies, must remember how aggressively smart and resourceful they are.  

Creating a leading edge means building an actual intellectual property that could be legally protected.  Owning a tangible patent is how one thrives in the information economy. .

Minor Jottings 
To those who compete against "old school" companies, these people are so paper-driven that innovation becomes a rarity.  They sit and wait for the other competitive forces to err in a macro way, before pursuing that niche.

Interestingly some of the people in their market research department barely do any valid research. While collecting data from other sources, they barely verify and validate the information. It is so pathetic. 

In a future post, we will review the other Amazon moves through the Compass Chart. 

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