Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gone Fishing (from the View of Jiang Tai Gong)

From our observations, the successful fishermen (or strategists) have regularly decided on what bodies of water to fish from and what categories of fishes that they wanted to catch while knowing the risk benefits and the risk consequences of their strategic choices before ever making their next move. 

This unique skill can be achieved by knowing the configuration of their Big Tangible Picture (BTP). The possession of this strategic advantage enables one to get to the projected endpoint with minimum resistance (i.e., near-zero emotional inertia, minimal encounter with any on-coming entropy, etc.) .  ... 

You do know how to read the configuration of your Big Tangible Picture (BTP). Do you?

To really understand the configuration of their Big Tangible Picture, click here to understand who is Jiang Tai Gong. In China, he was known as "The Father of Strategic Studies."

Other Thoughts
If you are burned out and looking for a new view,then leave your desk. Visit a local fishing hole and do the obvious.  ...  Relax and center yourself.   ... You can also practice your Baguazhang set.  Once "centerness" is achieved, scripting your gameplan is the next step.

Comments From the Compass Desk
We have been busy with our various Compass projects and our Compass Scripting project.  Thanks for coming by.  We will be updating the blog soon.   Have a good Wednesday.

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