Monday, November 5, 2012

World Series Analysis (Part 3)

Classic Baseball Adages 
  • Good pitching and defense usually beats good hitting.
  • Offense thrills. But defense wins championships
The SF Giants won Game #3 and Game #4 through solid pitching, good defense and small ball offense.

The Plight of the Pseudo Experts
Following is an abridged listing of the many pseudo experts who picked the Tigers to win:
Click here and here for local non-expert's views. The majority of the Yahoo experts  picked the SF Giants to win. 

Click here for a summarization from Huffington Post. 

Click here on how one expert assessed the two teams.  Can you see what is wrong with this assessment?

Next to Final Analysis
Some of their analysis were pathetic and illogical.  They have a habit of telling us the obvious.  Good analysis are usually based on the possible "connective" factors. 

So do you know how to assess a competitive situation?  ... 

The Possible Causes for the SF Giants Victory
Luck is the residue of design. - Branch  Rickey

Preparation creates opportunity.  The prepared usually capitalizing on the opportunity.  They are always one to two steps ahead of their competition.

Click hereherehere, here and here for the different views of the SF Giants success.

The After-Effects from the World Series
The real winner was Stubhub.  The losers were the TV channel that produced the World Series and the Tiger Fans.

Final Comments from the Compass Desk
In our message-driven society, the amateur experts always have a message. But there are no risk consequences for their err(s). They make predictions just like some politicians who make big promises.  

Our point is that you should decide on your political candidates carefully. It is not a beauty contest. Vote on Tuesday.  Choose them on the criteria of the Bigger Picture.  Good luck.

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