Thursday, November 29, 2012

Achieving Strategic Effectiveness

Strategic Effectiveness occurs: 
(a) when a competitor  implements a play successfully whether their opposition knows about it or not.
(b) when a competitor  implements an unorthodox play successfully especially when their opposition do not know that it is coming.

Q: How does one implements an unorthodox play?
A: It begins by assessing one's situation- the order of the situation, the projected time line of the situation, the configuration of the terrain, the proclivity of the leadership and the standards of the logistics.    .

By weighing the prevailing order of a situation, the successful strategist knows the fundamental  objective and the general tactical approach.  It is that simple.  

The answer is not in your copy of the Art of War.  Ask your local Art of War (AoW) expert if he/she knows how to do it.  ((They could be too busy drinking their diet drink, to know how to do that.) If not, it is time for you to remove their name from your address book. 

Side note
The key to becoming a good decision maker/playcaller is knowing when to stay on course with a certain set of plays or when to exit from it while managing the pressure all within five seconds after the previous play is over.  ...

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