Monday, November 26, 2012

Compass Trend #26: The Continuous Demand For IPTV and Satellite Technology

Previously we predicted the rise of IPTV.  IPTV  technology is still running hot especially in other regions of our ever-evolving world. While satellite technology is hot, the cable industry is in trouble.  Click here and here for the latest news on the slow demise of cable. 

We also agreed with the experts on OTT.

In summary, IPTV is here to stay.

Side Note
Those who are living and connecting in our ever-expanding mobile economy, will be receiving instant data almost anywhere.  Whether they would be getting valid information is another story.

We believed that the constant demand of instant news, could create deception

When assessing the news, one must think how it connects to the terrain that is beyond one's own settings.  If the information does not connect with the relevant facts, then it is a deception.

Knowing the relevant facts is the challenge for the "low attention-span" crowd. 

A Compass Reminder
Understanding the Big Tangible Picture requires solid information collecting and good strategic assessment skills.  Collecting sound, solid and relevant information is step one. The capital cost would be moderately high.

The next step is transforming well-assessed information into exploitable intelligence. It is a  challenge that most amateurs do not understand.  In most cases, they think that it is so easy.
Minimum risk consequences enables them to say stuff that are totally irrelevant. 

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