Sunday, September 9, 2012

Scripts, Lists and Other Miscellaneous Matters

Beside being the proponents of scripting , we like to look at our strategic processes. 

The Matrix
To gain a grand overview of a strategic situation, we preferred to use this 2x2 matrix.. ...  

During our off-hours, we started to play with it.  

After consuming two cups of Pu-Erh tea, we were able to delineate the technicalities behind Mr. Hurd's (the current President of Oracle and the former CEO of HP) unique grand strategic viewing process  and discovered the process on how everything connects. The key is to find the MCD and the relevant Compass Rules that are in play.

This model can be used to see the specifics behind the Big Tangible Picture (BTP).  It has  the potential to be a very good brainstorming tool.  Of course, we also added a Compass scripting module to this model.   
Mark Hurd's Matrix  is more technically superior to the basic SWOT diagram. Its focus is on the connection of the many dots of relevant information while the latter is centered on the projected results of each of the four categories.  

This lattice of intelligence enables the strategist to understand the "hows" and the "whys."  With the SWOT diagram, one only focuses on the projected "whats" (as in outcomes).

Fwiw, we have transformed the Hurd's matrix into a more pragmatic brainstorming tool where we are focused on the objectives, the tactics, the competition, etc.

Side note:  The strategists who know the hows and the whys, will always prevail over the strategists who know the whats.

Other Notes 
Click here and here for some good advice on managing lists.  

Reminder:  It is important to know the differences between a script and a list

Another Tool for the Mobile Strategist
One of our favorite tools for organizing notes, lists and scripts is Evernote.   It is a great tool for those who are active participants in the mobile economy.  We highly recommended to everyone to use Evernote as  their prime information organizing tool. 

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