Saturday, September 15, 2012

Identifying Deception in the Information Economy

In the information economy, some of the masses have a tendency of trusting the over-hyped pseudo experts. These gurus of the "pseudo truth"  are always talking in generalities.  Some of them are: politicians, news experts, sport insiders, etc.  They are the masters of the obvious. 

On a weekly base, they repeated the same quotes without including the relevant performance numbers and the reasons behind it. 

You see it on the different mediums (i..e, TV. radio, newspaper, etc.).

Compass Solution So, what is the base solution?   ...  You should always ask questions before coming to a conclusion.  

Following is an abridged listing of our favorite questions:

  • Should I trust this expert?
  • What is the risk consequence of their perspective? . 
  • Who is their source?
  • Why should I trust their source?
  • What are the subtle benefits that this expert have derived from revealing his/her view?
  • What are the benefits that the audience can derived from it?
Here is a good example where an actual insider takes on the know-nothing news media.

During their discussion, Mark Cuban disrupts and devastates the perspective of the talking heads by bringing up examples where specific details are required.  After comparing his view with their perspective, one can only conclude that some of the news media do not know their subject matter. 

To thrive in the information economy, one must recognize the ice cream cone of reality from the mountains of illusions.

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