Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Preparation Precedes Performance (4): Strategizing a Worst Case Scenaro

In an extreme setting, the successful strategist usually have a "Go" bag that is "steady and ready." We presumed that you have prepared your EDC bag or your Go bag for this type of scenario.

Other than the usual laptop, the safety cable, the memory sticks, the ethernet cable, the external hard drive, and the head set, what other items are sitting in your Go Bag?

Do you have the proper gear for this scenario?  ... The answer is not in your copy of the Art of War!

Following is an abridged list of gear that sits in our Go Bag: 
  • a LED flashight;
  • a long sleeve t-shirt shirt; 
  • a full water bottle; 
  • a swiss army knife;
  • a Gerber's all-purpose gear tool;
  • some food bars; and
  • a portable radio.
In a chaotic setting, it is important to know when to be strategically mobile and when to be strategically fixed.  Being mentally and strategically prepared before the chaos become pertinent. To stay ahead of the chaos, becoming light, aware, agile and mobile is the most relevant step.

Side note
In a future post, we will talk about the principles of strategic and tactical planning and the principles of preparation.

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