Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sun Bin: The Art of Warfare (Military Methods) (6)

Wei Wei Jiu Zhao (Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao 围魏救赵)
The state of Wei, which was seeking total control of China, sent an army to attack the state of Zhao under the leadership of Pang Juan. The ruler of Zhao immediately asked the ruler of the Qi state for military assistance. Sun Bin was assigned the task of saving the Zhao state. He then devised a scheme of relieving the besieged by besieging the base of the besiegers.

After a long battle, the Wei army relinquished their offensive siege against Zhao as expected, and rushed toward their home state. The army of "Qi" then maneuvered ahead of them and laid an ambush on the way, inflicting a crushing defeat on the army of Wei.

Business Example
In 1982, Bendix corporation attempted to takeover Martin Marietta. Martin Marietta returns the favor by attempting the Pac-Man Defense.

Martin Marietta targeted United Technologies toward the heart of Bendix Corporation. Bendix immediately asked Allied Corporation to absorbed them. Martin Marietta retains their independence.

Three Questions from the Compass Desk
What was going though Sun Bin mind's when he was thinking about this situation of Wei and Zhao?

What was in his Big Tangible Picture when Sun Bin was thinking about the sieging of Zhao?

Why is this stratagem categorized in the 36 Stratagems category of "Advantageous Stratagems?"

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