Monday, March 26, 2012

Comments from the Compass Desk

When this endeavor of building a strategic assessment process began, we encountered many unique ideas. Many of these ideas originated from the different translations of the Art of War, the various commentaries and the numerous essays on strategy and tactics, board games and strategy books on western sports.

During the research and development stage, we also talked to some real hardcore strategic thinkers and many pseudo strategic evangelists (especially the members of the AoW's cult).

While the hardcore strategists had a specific-driven process to operate from, most of the amateurs had a tendency of operating from a page of quotes and a few checklists. I think that one of these amateurs carries a Bible for good luck. Another one carries a deck of cards.

The Compass Process
Our strategic process focuses on understanding the configuration of a competitor's strategic power from the interiors of their organization. It also centers on the importance of identifying the qualities of the risk and the uncertainty that could be in play.

We also believed that pure planning does not always enables one to find the path of least resistance. There are the exceptions.

Do you know the exceptions?

Before competing against a competitor with vast resources and strong strategic positioning, one must have the capability to assess their competitor in terms of specifics.

Other Features of the Process
Our process has a module that enables the implementers to "wargame" the situation. The conceptual framework of our "wargame" module is based on the concepts of the various strategic classics and modern brainstorming processes.

One of its key objectives is to determine the possibility of the "unorthodox."

In summary, our process is designed for serious competitive situations.

Side Note
Our book is nearly completed. Our current set of priorities and the state of the information economy have propelled us to postponed our decision to publish it. If you are interested in talking to us about our strategic and tactical ideas, contact us at this link.

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