Monday, March 12, 2012

Compass Trend (13): Understanding the PESTO Influences Behind the Big Tangible Picture

It has been said that Noah's built his ark many days before the rain came. He saw the possibility of the on-coming chaos and prepared for it. The result was that Noah and his family, animals and birds survived.

How Some Decisions are Made 
In the information economy, good salary jobs are usually rewarded to those who create value by taking high risks and cut the costs. ... They are focused on the risk benefits while ignoring the risk consequences.

Some people manage their decisions, based on the quote of " ... nothing ventured nothing gained. ... ", without fully understanding the scope of the macro PESTO influences during their assessment of the Big Tangible Picture (BTP). They are usually willing to do that, with other people's money.

Another Day in California
The politicians of Stockton, California, took a macro risk and lost. What do you think the possibility of this city going Chapter 11? ...

What city is next? Detroit!? ... Again, the possibilities are quite unique.

Most visionaries are focused on big ideas, not on details. They rarely think about the after-effects of their ideas or the prevention of disasters.

Side note: In life, most of the smart professionals who specialized in disaster prevention,
are usually ignored and rarely compensated in a fair way.

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