Sunday, February 12, 2012

Competing in the Info Economy: Understanding the Deception Game

Whether one is located in Silicon Valley or in London or anywhere else, a game of deception could be subtly implemented onto their terrain. It is quite important that he/she is always mindfully aware of what is indirectly happening around their settings.

Food for Thought
During your daily assessment of the Big Tangible Picture , are you able to identify a deception that could be operating within the confines of your settings?

If one is properly assessing their settings, then the odds of "getting spinned" are lowered.

To thrive in uncertain settings, it is important for that person to focus on completing their own priority objective while being mindfully aware of their own settings (and beyond). ... The key to strategic assessment is to pay strict attention to the right specifics while working on connecting the dots.

For the AoW audience, what chapter can you find that point?

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