Monday, February 6, 2012

A Comment from the Compass Desk

When both team's tendencies, hangups and weaknesses are thoroughly identified and pinpointed by each side, the fans should always expect a low scoring game. ...

In a near-predictable setting, most people are focused on implementing their strengths and rarely are focused on implementing a surprise play. ... The configuration of their decision process are usually based on their knowledge and their belief of what the other side knows. In most cases, each competitor would sit back and waited for the other person to make a major err.

Fwiw, there is a psychological reason for that type of decision management process. Do you know what it is? ... If you know the answer, do you know what is the counter approach for this mode of conservative decision-making?

We were slightly surprised that Coach Belichick and Tom Brady (QB) did not run any real trick plays during the early phase of the Super Bowl game. Their offense did not gain any real momentum for most of the game until the end of the halves. They stayed with their strengths.

Certain people should now retire their copies of the Art of War (or at least update it) until the next football season.

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