Monday, August 8, 2011

Assess, Position and Influence (10)

There is no such thing as a similar problem. Depending on the strategic positioning of a company, the effect of each problem would have a different impact. The strategist's experience is usually one of the many major reasons on how one viewed the problem. Having the time and the resources to properly assess the problem is another challenge.

Simultaneously, the risk/reward option and the risk/consequences would always be quite different for each company .
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Compass Rule:
During the assessment of your Big Tangible Picture (BTP), know your risk tolerance before deciding on your strategic move.

Ruminations From the Compass Desk
During one's climb of the political- economic-social value chain, the "risk/reward" attribute and the quality of competition usually increases. One should expect the duration and the frequency of the competitive pace to be occasionally intensive.

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