Sunday, August 28, 2011

Applying the Sunzi's Strategic Principles to the Real World

Click on this link for an interesting article on how the New York Police Department (NYPD) is indirectly using the Sunzi's strategic principles to find domestic terrorists. The Sunzi's AoW aficionado should be able to identify the strategic principles of the AoW that are in play within a New York minute.

In order to prevent terrorism, the NYPD is focused on identifying the possible strategic power of the opposition through their various intelligence gathering activities. ... It all begins by comprehending the macro configuration of the greater terrain, the current state of the terrain and the various adjusted situations. (We will continue this specific point later.)

Securing the path of minimal resistance begins by identifying the source behind the opposition's strategic power and the grand terrain that encompasses it. Pinpointing the operational attributes of the terrain (i.e, the information flow, the applied economics, the implemented logistics, etc.) take a great deal of time. ... Securing field level intelligence is usually quite different form the data found on-line. Instead of delivering with the context, one could see the specifics behind the content.

With the proper execution of assessing, positioning and influencing (API), one can prevail over their opposition with the greatest impact in minimal time and the least amount of costs.

Is your strategic team doing that for you?

Compass Rule
Assess. Position. Influence.

(minor content update: 09.10.11)

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