Monday, April 18, 2011

Reader's comment

" ... This is really good stuff. I remember reading about Mongol strategies years ago when it was just becoming in vogue. I should have kept up with the globalization aspects of Sun Tzu's genre. ... It's a very confusing environment. There is cooperation, but also a lot of nationalism mixed in.

I work closely (weekly) with a very large U.S. business research team in Asia. I've had some very interesting discussions with many of my counterparts. We're somewhat alike, low in the political structure, but very important from the technical side. It is really a new world. ...

Your site (as well as your concept) is excellent. Where I failed miserably was in assessing and strategy. I've been out-positioned too many times in the past though the odds were a bit formidible. I am today what my conquerors planned all along, just a tool to help them with their overall strategy. I feel I have been duped by some of the best.

Assessing means taking the time to regroup and rethink my position. ... "

- Anonymous Reader

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