Friday, April 15, 2011

Assess the Big Picture, Position and Decide


These days, the masses do not want a methodology (or a process). They just want a web application program with a simple user interface and easy choices. It must present a comprehensive outcome-driven strategic solution that encompassed colorful charts and a message path of go, stop or wait . Without any deep thinking, these people are only concerned about the benefits not the long term drawbacks and consequences. There is no contemplation on what the other people are doing. (What is wrong with this picture?)

In some cases, their decision making process takes about five minutes.

To maneuver effectively in our information economy, he or she needs to take some time and properly assess the special circumstances that are hidden within the Big Tangible Picture. before deploying any special planning.

Compass Rule:
In special times, the successful  strategic thinker (strategist) understands the importance of assessing special circumstances before deploying any special planning. It is one of many keys to strategic effectiveness.  ... Make a habit of taking time in the morning to reflect on the past actions before looking ahead.

The quality of the rewards sometimes determines the quantity and the quality of rewards.

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