Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Suggestions

As old school strategists, we love good and sturdy gear. Our favorite place for radios and classic electronic devices is

Some members of our C360 Consulting group are IT techies.
Following is a brief listing of their favorite software tools:
  • Ultraedit (A fine programming editor that is available for Windows and Linux.);
  • Sourcegear (A very good toolset for small and mid-size tools);
  • PGP (A toolset of quality data encryption apps.);
  • Active State (A super programming toolset for web developers);
  • Suse Linux (A great professional Linux O/S); and
  • Mindjet's Mind Manager (This mindmapping app. is a first rate productivity tool).
For those who are looking for a durable gift, we suggest stand-up desks or standing tables.

We do recommend
Book Mooch and Bookfinder as good places for finding books.

We also
recommend Red Blossom Tea and Teance for tea.

One of our favorite good causes is Laser (We consider their global cause of commerce with compassion as world class. Check out some of their various social causes).

Happy Holidays!

Sidenote: We are not associated to any of these vendors.

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