Saturday, December 12, 2009

Assessing the Cyber Defense

Regardless of the arena, any defense can be penetrated. No defense is perfect. An infamous hacker prevails over Kaspersky Labs, the anti-virus vendor.

Every defense has a weakness.

Following are the basic steps for assessing the competition:
  • Gather intelligence on the basic and technical dimensions of the terrain;
  • Know how the competition configured their settings to their advantage;
  • Examine the cyclical process of the applied variables; and
  • Establish the reality from the vast abyss of illusions.
The supreme approach of playing the defense option is to have everlasting vigilance. The intensity of the competitive arena usually positions the participants in a constant guarded mode. Someone recently asked us whether our process can be used for assessing the cyber terrain.

We designed the general framework of our strategic assessment process to be utilized in any competitive terrain.

We are considering writing a paper on how to utilize our AoW principles-driven strategic assessment process in the cyber security arena.

More to come.

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