Thursday, February 23, 2017

Applying Physics to Strategy: Staying Covert While Avoiding Being Overt

(updated at 09.23.17,  2100 hrs)

"The more precisely the POSITION is determined,  the less precisely the MOMENTUM is known"  - Werner Heisenberg and the Uncertainty Principle

How does this applies to strategy?

The momentum of an object is always moving. Therefore the position is varying.

The strategic state of change is always in play.  … Knowing the rate of change can be challenging.   

When the competition knows that you know their position or that they know that you know something about a forth-coming opportunity.  Depending on their leadership and the efficacy state of their strategic foundation (economics,  logistics, etc.) they could change their course  of action, which then adjusts the macro state of the given strategic situation.  

Capitalizing on the multiplier of exploiting "inside" intelligence while preventing the competitor from getting the informational advantage that you know something relevant about them is the essence of superior strategic maneuvering.

Lesson: When competing in a chaotic setting, the perceptive strategist usually stays covert while avoiding being overt. ... 

Side Note
Whenever we decide to publish our Strategic Assessment/Positioning book, there will be a few examples on applying physics to strategy.   ... 

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